Families face overwhelming challenges when a child is sick. Children need to be surrounded – physically and emotionally – by the people and things that they love. That’s why Edmarc helps seriously ill children stay comfortably at home with their families whenever possible. And our services give comfort, strength and support to the entire family.

“Edmarc stepped into our lives and all of a sudden I had incredible support. I had nurses to talk to the doctors. I had social workers that seemed to know my needs before I mentioned them. They were like fairy Godmothers. I felt empowered and went on to live a life that wasn’t perfect for everyone, but it was our life and perfect for us.”– Wendy Mezzenga, Maddie’s Mom

Established in 1978, Edmarc Hospice for Children was the first hospice in the nation designed specifically for children. Founded by members of Suffolk Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, Virginia, Edmarc was named for Edward, their minister who died of cancer, and a young couple’s son, Marcus, who needed hospice care because he had a progressive neuromuscular disease.

Edmarc seeks to ease the trauma of a child’s illness or death, and to reduce the disabling effects of pediatric illness, loss and bereavement on families in Hampton Roads. One child at a time.

The demand for our services is growing steadily.
In 2005, we served 28 to 30 children per day. Today, we serve an average of 70 children per day.

“This beautiful organization, with an army of volunteers and donors, blesses families like mine in many ways every single day. They continue to give us hope for our journey and have brought us joy on some of our darkest days. In serving our family, they have become like family… and we are so grateful for the continued kindness and dedication to us. For all of the families served – past, present, and future – we love Edmarc!” – Jessica Killingbeck, Addy’s mom