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We understand how scary an illness can be and how important it is — emotionally and physically — for children to be surrounded by the people and things that they love. That’s why Edmarc’s health care services are tailored to enable seriously ill children to live comfortably at home with their families whenever possible.

But we also never forget that when a child is sick, the entire household is affected and often faces debilitating hardships. There is added stress, along with social, spiritual and financial pressures. For parents, such a devastating time can shift the foundation of even the sturdiest relationship.

For 39 years, Edmarc has focused on the whole family, helping to alleviate the confusion, stress and heartache of over 4,200 children, parents and siblings. Our broad range of services not only ensures that your child’s physical and emotional needs are met but that the multi-dimensional needs of your family are addressed, too. We help you get back to what is most important: taking care of each other.

Edmarc’s caring and compassionate staff and supportive services are available to children and families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.