our collaborators

Edmarc staff members work with these organizations to provide comprehensive support to children and families:

Ensures that children receive the continuity of care they need.
Screens and determines eligibility for children who may have wishes fulfilled.
Provides financial resources, special nutritional supplies, educational materials, family support and transportation resources for children with cancer.
Helps meet the needs of military families, especially in locating resources for funeral expenses and logistics; ensure relatives find transportation home when a patient is critical; and assists with financial planning.
Provides “Peace by Piece,” a support group for grieving children and teens throughout Hampton Roads.
Assists families facing financial hardship or transportation issues.
Provides charitable air transportation to patients traveling to distant facilities for medical treatment.
Provides professional education on the death and dying process and teaches caring skills to caregivers.
Provides financial support for medical needs, including wheelchairs and other equipment for children with severe or life-limiting illnesses.