Edmarc nursing services

Edmarc Hospice for Children believes a family faced with a child’s life-threatening illness should be kept together whenever possible. That’s why we provide whatever is necessary to keep children in their familiar, loving home environment. Medical assessments and interventions are done for physical, social, physiological, emotional and spiritual needs. Edmarc provides physician-directed patient care in the child’s home and on-call nursing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of Edmarc’s families are still actively seeking a cure for their child’s illness and some of our patients are in our home health or hospice program for many years.

home health care

  • Assessment of patient’s status and performance of
    skilled procedures
  • Provides symptom management to the extent possible to prevent
    both disease-related symptoms and treatment-related distress
  • Coordination of care with the health care team
  • Provides teaching and support regarding disease process

Little girl brushing dolls hairhospice care

In addition to services provided under Home Health Care Edmarc:

  • Promotes quality of life
  • Supports family in decision making and health care needs
  • Provides teaching and support for end-of-life care