What’s Happening at Edmarc May 2014

It is hard to believe it is summer already!  The Edmarc staff has been really busy this unnamedspring raising awareness about the services we provide to children and families facing the greatest challenge of their lives.  As many of you know, it takes a community to sustain a non-profit like Edmarc.  So it’s even more important now to keep up with what’s happening and get involved today!

Below is just a quick recap of the most recent events…enjoy!

The Gosport Arts Festival was held on Mother’s Day weekend in Olde Towne, Portsmouth.  The weekend was filled with great music and amazing artists!  The event was a huge success and raised more money than we ever have before…a whopping $22,000 to be exact!  Another first for the event was having 100% of the artist participate by contributing a piece of their work which was included in our silent auction!  And, at the foundation of the event were are AMAZING volunteers!  Thank you so much to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festival!!!  We look forward to seeing you all Mother’s Day weekend 2015 when we do it all again!

This month we celebrated Maggie Lewis’ 20th anniversary at Edmarc!  Maggie is our Administrative Assistant/ Medical Records Clerk but probably better known for being the voice and resident hugger of Edmarc.  She has dedicated her life to caring for others!  We could not do what we do at Edmarc without her!!! She is an amazing woman and we LOVE her very much!!!  THANK YOU MAGGIE, for being such a loving, caring person!!!

This month we also celebrated Nurses’ Week!  Edmarc is blessed to have some of downloadHampton Roads finest nurses who give unselfishly of themselves every day providing care to the kids who are in desperate need of some TLC!  We are so THANKFUL for everything they do; 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!  Thank you so much; we love you!

And before you know it, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Edmarc Gala on October 25th.  The committee is working hard to make this year’s event bigger and even better than last year.  The Paradise Ocean Club will provide the backdrop for what promises to be an evening to remember complete with something for everyone.  Stay tuned for the details…you’re not going to want to miss this!!!

If you can spare some time, we are always looking for volunteers.  And if you don’t have time and still want to help, check out our website and the wish list, purchase a few items.  Our kids and families will truly appreciate your generosity.