Live Auction 2016

The Live Auction: Priceless Art ~Priceless Artists

“Tiny Fingerprints” Created by Amanda Page Stephens and the children of Edmarc 2Hospice for Children

Mixed media artist and curator, Amanda Page Stephens and Edmarc joined together to create a unique piece of art which honors the healing process. Bereaved families contributed fingerprints which were assembled into a collage. Each fingerprint balloon represents the treasured love, and memories that are forever in our hearts.


“HAND IN HAND” Created by Ed Francis and the children of Edmarc Hospice for Children

3The process started by using the Alginate molds made with the kids to make wax replicas of their hands.  The next step was to build the back structure out of sheet wax and then apply the wax hands to it.  Next came refining the wax texture.

Next was to invest the wax in a plaster/silica casting mold. Once the plaster was set, the wax was removed using steam. This process resulted in an exact negative of the original wax construction. The mold then went in the kiln and dried thoroughly.

When the mold was complete, cold glass chunks were piled in the mold and heated to 1450 degrees.  It melted the chunks of glass and filled the mold.  The mold full of glass was then cooled, that process took approximately 4 days.4

Once cooled the plaster mold was removed from the glass. The glass is now an exact copy of the original wax construction.

Ed Francis is the head of the glassblowing department at the Visual Arts Center of Tidewater Community College (TCC).  Since 2005, he has expanded the glass program at TCC offering traditional glass blowing with molten glass along with the study of glass as art.  An award-winning artist, he has taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Pilchuck Glass School.  Additionally, he launched the glass program at the Indianapolis Art Center.  He is the owner of Off Center Glass, LLC.