What Happened at Edmarc in February

February was a busy month for Edmarc staff and volunteers! Our 9th Annual Friendraising Breakfast was held this month and our volunteer committees are hard at work planning our 2017 events!

You do not want to miss our 21st Annual Edmarc Charity Golf Classic scheduled for Thursday, August, 17th at Cypress Creek Golfer’s Club in Smithfield.  For more information please contact Shantel at sthomas@edmarc.org

Check out a full list of our 2017 Edmarc Calendar!  https://edmarc.org/events/

Special thanks to the United Way Women’s Leadership Council for putting together 30 delicious readymade casseroles for our Edmarc families!  These casseroles will help so many families; we truly appreciate your continued support!

Did you know Edmarc is a certified United Way agency?  Through designations, individuals in the community can donate to Edmarc through your local United Way Campaign.  Consider Edmarc this year during your companies United Way Campaigns; our staff and volunteers are available to come and speak to your employees about Edmarc and the important work we do for the community. 

On February 16th guests came together to show their support for Edmarc during the 9th Annual Friendraising Breakfast.  The Paradise Ocean Club with an amazing sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay provided the perfect location for the event.  Baxter Simmons, Jr. and his crew prepared a scrumptious breakfast that was fit for a king.   There were 110 guests in attendance that included: current and past families, board members, supporters, volunteers and staff.  Longtime supporter and Edmarc volunteer, Rob Cowling of Old Point National Bank set the mood with background music while Bob Harper Photography captured memories of the morning.  And it was our dear friend Pat Mallon of Indian Creek Productions who provided all the A/V equipment for the event.  Joe Flanagan hosted the morning and did an amazing job keeping the morning flowing and sharing the history of Edmarc while interacting with guests.  The highlight of the event was a presentation from Keith Murray, Tyler’s dad.  Keith is a physicist at NASA Langley.  So, he started off by saying he’s not used to speaking to crowds, he’s mostly used to talking to peoples’ shoes.  Keith broke the ice and proceeded to share his family journey.

It was shortly after Tyler’s sixteenth birthday, when he was diagnosed with cancer.  During his treatment, the family was so afraid of compromising him that they barricaded themselves in their home.  With the help of Edmarc staff, the family was able to feel secure in providing Tyler with the tender loving care he needed to fight cancer in the sanctuary of their own home.  Their family came to know and love the Edmarc staff.  He talked about the strength his family gained by having the staff available whenever needed.  He even said “the nurses are like marshmallow dipped Navy Seals”.  Keith talked about miracles; “they don’t always come when you want or expect them to but, when they do happen, it is beautiful.”  “Like notes on a musical staff, placed in a specific order, to create a masterpiece.”  “To us, Edmarc was one of those miracles, keeping us afloat when our world seemed to be falling apart in front of us.”  Keith’s words were so powerful and heartfelt and touched everyone in the room.  Tyler’s story is one of victory; he was a happy discharge from Edmarc last year!  When it was all said and done, we raised nearly $14,000 to support the good work of Edmarc!

Easter is right around the corner!  Help us bring Easter goodies to all of our Edmarc kids and families.  For more information on how you can help please call the office at 757-967-9251!

Want to become an Edmarc volunteer?  Our next volunteer orientation is happening on Saturday, March 25th at 11:00 a.m.  Please email Kristen our Community Resource Coordinator at jonesk@edmarc.org

To stay connected to Edmarc; follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/edmarc516

Shop at Kroger?  Register your Kroger Plus Rewards Card and designated Edmarc as the charity.  Then every time you shop; 5% will come back to Edmarc!  www.krogercommunityrewards.com

Edmarc is also a part of the Rite Aid KidCents Program?  Register your Plenti card today and designate Edmarc as your charity of choice.  Start rounding up today; for every $5,000 donated, Rite Aid will match!